Agency: GroupM – MEC Global

Task: I was hired by GroupM as a senior producer/project manager to lead some outstanding digital productions and rescue key client projects and restore business development with strategic partners within the group, in this case MEC Global and Mindshare.

MEC global’s primary client Bridgestone Tyres had commissioned a new platform to be built which included UX, development and CMS content updates and migration of existing data. Umbracco had been pitched as the enterprise platform that would meet the client’s requirements which included automated product updates, set up for future e-commerce and franchisee CMS updates.

Production was three months behind and we had an estimated 8 weeks to deliver the platform. I was flown to Adelaide to meet with the client and re establish a working relationship based on trust and mutual support as we worked together to ensure the committed launch date, presented to global and national shareholders, was met.

Key Action Points: Working with Jay Digital 3rd party vendor specialising in bespoke CMS builds (Umbracco development group and 3rd party vendor) we

  • Running final workshops to ensure all requirements were captured
  • Finalised the UX and functional specifications
  • Completed the final branding style for the user interface (UI)
    • working directly with the clients advertising group and inducting them into digital delivery specifications required for a responsive platform build  to complete the ‘look and feel’ and on sign off all delivery of associated brand and visual assets.
  • Updating timeline and deliverables to ensure platform was launched by the dates presented to global shareholders. Created a phased delivery ensuring primary objectives for the platform were delivered and secondary objectives, in this case franchisee custom pages, were delivered in a phased approach.
  • Timeline included deadlines for design team to deliver key templates so front end development could commence
  • Daily scrums with design and development team as we worked across the delivery of primary templates.
  • Site architectural set up was commenced post approval of the UX
  • API integration was set up in order to migrate all existing Bridgestone products with their related information.
  • Bridgestone staff supported all product updates on their end pre final merge

Client Feedback: Tom Pitman (National Retail and Marketing Manager at Bridgestone Australia Ltd.)

Maria entered a major project for our business at a difficult stage of the process following some personnel changes. Maria was able to quickly grasp the project and get it on track.

Maria was strongly committed to achieving the best result for us. The expected outcomes for the project were challenging and the timeframe short, but Maria handled the task capably and gracefully.

The outcomes have been very pleasing. Maria’s contribution enabled the team to turn around a significant workload with limited resources in a short timeframe.

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