Colgate Palmolive

Agency: GroupM – MEC global
Product Development: The Project Factory

Challenge: While working with MEC Global across their key client accounts I was asked to pitch an idea to Colgate for a children’s game app teaching them how to brush their teeth in a fun and innovative way.

Concept: A surfing game was devised, to be launched into the Australian market. It took the child  on a surfing adventure where they were incentivised to follow the brush strokes and gain points and rewards, reaching their own personalised island.

The idea was to have blue tooth motion detection implemented on the tooth brush which would allow for the child’s hand motions, on brushing, to surf along the waves with left, right and circular motions

Points scored were captured via the initial profile that had been created by the parent and the idea was to allow for discounts to Colgate related products to be offered on reaching predetermined scores.

Result: Phase 1:  A two part game. The child creates their profile by selecting from one of the Colgate characters. They can then either play the ‘Plaque attack’ where they learn the circular motion required for correct brushing or they enter the ‘Brushing Game’ (surfing). Both games provide points and rewards.

Key Action Points:

  • Concept development
  • Pitch document and presentation
  • Storyboard
  • Third party engagement
  • Budget and statement of work
  • Negotiating final contractual agreement between MEC global and Colgate Palmolive

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