Producer – Curator – Sponsorship Program Manager

While living and working in Spain I saw an opportunity to create an exhibition to facilitate an artistic cultural bridge between Galicia (Spain) and one the the meccas of modern art, New York.

The exhibition featured sculptures by Galician artists working with stone, bronze, wood, glass and ceramic. The selection of artists was based on the essence they create in their work.  The blending of colour, the connection between nature, the cosmos, the human spirit and Celtic mythology, duly reflected in the curves, carvings and crystalline reflections which the artists reproduce in the art works.

The exhibition was set up as a reflection, not only of the creativity of Galician artists, but also as an audiovisual journey through some of Galicia’s most enigmatic landscapes called ‘Las Rias Baixas’. A virtual tour to promote one of Spain’s most unique regions.

Work included organizing the exhibition with the selection of the artists which included interviewing the artists, video  editing and subtitling for the videos that formed part of the accompanying DVD within the catalogue. I also created the layout of the catalogue (print and online) and set up two online channels to promote the event.

Key Action Points:

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