Mission Australia

Agency: iSentia (Two Social)

Mission Australia engaged Two Social to create social media video campaigns, shared across Facebook, to increase awareness to the current issues Australian’s are facing on a daily basis, family homelessness and homelessness caused by domestic violence.

They needed campaigns that made Australians aware of the real issues these families are facing on a daily basis. Homelessness in most cases is the result of parental loss of income, no community or family support and in many cases illness that has led to loss of employment. It was important to ‘tell the story’ so the public could empathise with the situations many families are facing.

Family homelessness was created by selecting a family who volunteered to live out of their vehicle for a week sharing the experience and emotions as they dealt with the daily experiences. These were filmed and the family shared their experience via interviews which were then shared across Facebook. The campaign had over 7 million views and won prestigious awards. ut most importantly it raised awareness.

‘Independence is Precious’ was the successful campaign that highlighted the issue of domestic violence, such a difficult subject matter to portray, especially the impact on young children had to be handled delicately. There was a great deal of time spent selecting the talent that would portray the characters.

The techniques used in filming were innovative as the footage captured was from the viewpoint of the victims. The final videos were shared across Facebook but most importantly target areas were selected where OOH displays in bus shelters were placed. The language used in the messages was run past test groups in order to ensure the public didn’t dismiss the campaign but empathised with the victims raising awareness as to the many faces of the victim that exist.

Key Action points:

  • Working with a limited budget I had to negotiate with film crews, talent agencies and councils to ensure we could deliver the approved storyboards.
  • Managing video production (talent, crew, location, shot list),
  • Managed the digital media deliverables (Standard media) and OOH media.
  • Budget reconciliation
  • #Notice Us Domestic Violence campaign
  • #NoticeUs Family Homelessness – 2015 Gold Davey Award
  • Videos produced for campaigns received over 7 million views over 6 weeks

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