10 Speaks

Task: As business analyst I saw an opportunity to cross promote Network 10’s new podcast platform 10 speaks, across their premiere sites, 10 play, 10 daily and Network 10.

I worked with the CMS team to create a content user interface that allowed for the podcasts (shows and their related episodes) to be entered and subsequently rendered across the platforms with direct audio playback using the acast platform.

This ensured stats were not lost and we were able to build out a business case to support 10 speaks to have its own custom platform. Primary to this was ensuring stats measured revenue streams base don cost of audio platform versus return on sales.

Working with the new associate product owner, we set up a roadmap for 10 speaks in order to measure on quarterly updates the ideal launch date for 10speaks.com.

Key Action Points:

  • Integrating 10 speaks podcast network to feature on 10 play, 10 daily and Network 10
  • Updating CMS to allow for podcast entry and automated updated across
    • 10 speaks landing page
    • 10 speaks carousel
    • Direct audio stream using Acast studio podcast platform
    • 10 daily in-article posts
  • Creating business case for 10 speaks autonomous platform
    • currently phase 1 based on Adobe analytics / insights and cross platform audience engagement

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