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I would strongly recommend Goretti for senior digital production roles. Her skillset is expansive and she possesses strong interpersonal skills which are essential when managing client relationships and product teams.

Goretti constantly demonstrates her commitment to the field of Technology and Digital Media by way of attending seminars and industry events to keep abreast of advancements in the digital sphere. Goretti is an effective communicator with a commendable work ethic that inspires and motivates those around her to strive to produce high-quality work.

Goretti would be a tremendous asset to any organisation and I would endorse her without hesitation.

Marsha White, Senior Product Manager at NSW Department of Customer Service

On a web project 18 months in the development stage, Maria (Goretti) gave the project fresh eyes from an agency/client perspective.

Her experience and knowledge helped to demystify many areas of navigation and functionality that had previously hindered project progress. Decisive and inclusive to all parties, Maria was able to navigate the project to completion within the tight time frame.

Not only a delight to have partnered us and our client on this journey, Maria’s experience and knowledge has been generously shared with our team to further enhance our skill base.

Peter Morris, Brand Marque - Owner (CEO - Creative Lead)

Maria entered a major project for our business at a difficult stage of the process following some personnel changes. Maria was able to quickly grasp the project and get it on track. Maria was strongly committed to achieving the best result for us.

The expected outcomes for the project were challenging and the timeframe short, but Maria handled the task capably and gracefully. The outcomes have been very pleasing. Maria’s contribution enabled the team to turn around a significant workload with limited resources in a short timeframe. I expect Maria will make an equally positive impact on whatever challenge she takes on next.

Tom Pitman - Toyota Australia, Marketing Director

Goretti was a pleasure to work with during our time together at Ogilvy. She puts her heart into her work, and the relationships of those around her. Her creative flair, enthusiasm and integrity were a valuable asset to the team.

Gareth Barlow - Ogilvy Australia (WPP), Digital Project Director

Maria Goretti did great work for Lendlease Property Marketing when she was hired on a project based contract to refresh key elements of the Communities website in 2017. Her ability to proactively offer solutions to business problems was put to good use and her strong UX skills and thorough knowledge of the Sitecore CMS were also key.

Clearly comfortable working with a range of stakeholders from Marketing Managers to Content Producers and Sitecore Developers, Maria was proactive in her approach and truly committed to improving the digital experience of our customers. One of her key deliverables was a detailed Functional Specification document that is still used by Producer and Business teams today. Maria’s creative approach to delivery and problem solving make her a welcome addition to any team.

Maria Politis - Lendlease , Digital Content Specialist

Maria is one of the most passionate and energetic digital practitioners I have ever met. The AFL site is the hallmark website for Telstra BigPond and Maria worked tirelessly to make it the number one sports site in Australia.

Maria’s valuable knowledge of online video combined with 3D virtual worlds gives her a unique combination of skills in the marketplace, positioning her at the forefront of digital media trends.

Director of Content Production: Telstra BigPond


Guy Gadney - BigPond TV, Co-founder and CEO of Charisma.ai

Maria is incredibly driven, passionate and extremely talented. Not only does she have amazing attention to detail, planning and production skills she can effortlessly manage production teams in many different locations. She is a bright, energetic leader who brings much needed vision, focus and insight to any project she is a part of. She has tremendous perseverance and you can always count on her to deliver.

Maria is also an experienced team leader and team builder with many years experience in both the technical and creative sides of production. This background combined with a wealth of creativity and a deep understanding of the technological side of the production process gives her a unique perspective and ability as a producer for managing complex media projects. I also admire Maria’s ability to be both straightforward and personable in all of her business dealings. I can always feel confident that she won’t promise what she can’t deliver but that she’ll always deliver on what she promises.

Benjamin RIchards, Entrepreneur & Executive Producer - Media Industry | VR | AR | VFX | AEC

Maria Goretti has played a number of roles in the capacity of multimedia producer, animator, videogapher, choreographer for my company Virtual Realm Xchange.

We first worked together on an innovative CD-ROM for the Univeristy of Sydney (Australia), and have done a few projects since. She is a warm hearted soul who is passionate about creative enterprises.

Michael Ney, Managing Director VRX

Maria is creative, dedicated, high energy and motivated, excellent at connecting the right people for the task at hand.

She responded quickly to requests, made sure assets were delivered on time, delivery dates clear, and has a warm and generous nature.

Elisa Lee, Creative Technologist / Visual Communicator

Goretti is a very passionate person who would not think twice in doing the extra mile when it comes to client service. In the very short span that we worked together, she was instrumental in managing some complex projects with really short timelines.

Goretti is very calm and collected under pressure. She is great at delegating tasks to various teams and ensuring work gets done and always keeps on top of things.

Last but not the least, she is always willing to roll up her sleeve and give a helping hand to the team during crunch time. No doubt she will do well as a client service / account manager and I wish her all the best.

George Ajay Thommana, Founding / Business Director at JAY Digital

Maria and I worked together on various projects during her time at Impelus, and, whilst she was only contracted for a short period of time, she had a really positive impact on these projects as well as other areas of the business such as work flows and processes for the team.

She has a brilliant passion and flair that she brings to her work, which alongside an amazing work ethic and her highly experienced knowledge as a Senior Producer, all outcomes produced were of a very high-quality.

On a personal level, Maria has a great enthusiasm and strong interpersonal skills which she adapts to different stakeholders and teams to engage with them on different projects and keep momentum to ensure optimal delivery.

Rachel Mooney, Digital Marketing Manager at Impelus (ASX:IMS)

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